Line-X Torsion Axle

Line-x Torsion Axle

Line-X Torsion Axle

Thanks to one of our great sponsors Line-X SWFL we are a lot more protected from saltwater on our trailer! For anyone thinking of a way to make your galvanized torsion axle or any part on your aluminum trailer even more protected from the harsh saltwater environment in Southwest Florida this is a must. These axles can get expensive and this is a great way to protect your investment. Mine i had sprayed with black line-x premium and not only does it protect the axle from the elements but it looks really good too! The line-x eliminates the need for having a galvanic barrier to protect the aluminum from electrolysis from different metals touching together, so it protects your trailer more than just the axle. For anyone looking to get in touch with Line-x SWFL give them a call at 239-261-6695 and “BE OVER PROTECTIVE”

Captain Mark Yimin





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