Tarpon Fishing In Fort Myers Florida

Tarpon or the “Silver King” is the second most fished for fish in Florida and a definite “bucket list” fish for any angler coming to Southwest Florida. They are known for their incredible strength and acrobatic jumps when hooked. Not good table fair they are strictly a catch and release fish. They can be caught with a variety of different baits but the most common way is with live bait, whether it be crabs, thread fin herring, or pinfish. They can be very challenging to catch which is part of the attraction for experienced anglers. Hiring a guide is the key to success with the Silver King. The common size in our area for these tough fish is 100 lbs or more, however the smaller “resident” 50lb to 60lb fish are common in our area too. To book a Tarpon fishing charter in Fort Myers Fl call us at 941-677-3474 or simply click “book now”.