snook fishing charter in estero bay florida


Snook are the most targeted species of fish in Florida according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and for good reason, they are hard fighters that give the angler acrobatic leaps out of the water. Snook are often referred to as large mouth bass on steroids for their similar look and feeding habits as a large mouth bass, the steroids part comes in because if you have ever caught one you would know they fight like the largest meanest bass you have ever hooked!

Snook can be targeted year round, but as the water gets colder the chances go down.  Snook do not thrive well in temperatures under 55 degrees. Good thing it’s so warm and sunny in Fort Myers, FL!

Cooking Snook

Snook are excellent table fare and can be prepared a variety of ways. My personal favorite is grilling them with olive oil salt pepper and a splash of lemon. Snook can also be fried blackened or basically prepared any way you like, since they are a mild flaky white fish.