Fort Myers Fishing Report 4-1-14

Fishing was tough but we got it done!

Fort Myers Fishing Report 4-1-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 4-1-14

On April fools day the fish apparently thought it would be fun to play a prank on all the captains fishing in Estero Bay and Fort Myers!  Their prank was to come down with a case of “lockjaw”. Bait was tough and  i used shrimp on my trip. Shrimp this time of year can be hit or miss, you end up catching a lot of trash fish (catfish), but sometimes you can get quality fish to eat it. We ended up with a few Sheepshead, Jack Crevalle, catfish and two smaller Redfish. I thought that was a bad day…….. Until i saw other guides at the dock, some of whom have been doing it 20 years plus and they had the same or worse! One guide in particular did not catch a single fish on his 6 hour trip. I’m not saying this to talk bad about someone it happens to all of us, simply stating a fact and making a point, today was hard fishing! Despite the bad day and the fish having a case of lockjaw my clients went home with some fish for a fish fry. Once again we provided clients the opportunity to catch fish and have fun even on a tough day, “it’s GUARANTEED

Captain Mark Yimin



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