Fort Myers Fishing Report 8-9-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 8-9-14

Fishing this week has been very good in Estero Bay and Fort Myers. The Snook have really been eating well with summer time starting to come to a close. They will take a pinfish or a pilchard but as always when available they prefer a pilchard.  Bait has been easier to find and pilchards can be found on the beaches again although sporadic. As summer turns in to fall the Redfish will really turn on and start to school up on the grass flats. They are spawning when this happens and anglers can experience some of the best fishing in the state all over our region. Along with the Redfish there is a plethora of other species mixed in as well. Look for Snook and Redfish this time of year around the higher stages of the tides around the bushes. When the tide falls look for them in deeper cuts and grass flats adjacent to channels. Look for fishing to continue to get better as we transition from summer to fall and even in to winter!

Captain Mark Yimin


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