Fort Myers Fishing Report 7-26-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 7-26-14

We were greeted this week by high tides in the middle of the days, this time of year that usually means successful trips and it definitely did this week. The mornings have been slow with the water creeping in to the bay, but being patient and waiting for the tide to get right has paid off later. Redfish have been chewing good, as well as some very nice Snook, unfortunately we lost more big Snook than we caught this week! I always like to have a couple different set ups when fishing with Pinfish for bait, a couple rods rigged with corks and a couple just straight line to leader with a 2/0 circle hook. This week they wanted nothing to do with the cork set up and preferred a tail hooked Pinfish. You never really know what they will want so that’s why it pays to have variety. There has been a lingering Tarpon presence just off the beaches and there has been a few fellow guides that have been targeting them with great success. Use threadfins for the Tarpon and be patient they can be finicky.  Chum a flat for the pins it wont take long before you have enough bait for a trip.  I fished the north part of Estero Bay earlier in the week until the fish stopped biting up there. Later in the week we fished the south part of the bay and had better success. Remember that this time of year anywhere outside the red and green markers is a no wake zone! Meaning that the bow must be completely in the water, remember that when fishing an area and allow some extra time to get to some spots further from channels.

Captain Mark Yimin


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