Fort Myers Fishing Report 2-19-15

Fort Myers Snook Fishing

Fort Myers Fishing Report 2-19-15

Cold fronts have really put a damper on our fishing this week. On top of that the wind has been the worst in a while. I fished Monday and Tuesday this week and both days were windy with Tuesday being the worst. It was “howling” on Tuesday and the fishing was definitely hurt by it. Spots that we caught fish at on Monday proved to be holding none on Tuesday. We did OK on Snook and Redfish this week before the cold. Whenever you think you have it figured out it changes as far as fishing goes and every day is different which was evident this week. Monday Pilchards were the best bait to use and we caught all the fish on them. Tuesday not a single fish ate a pilchard but rather Shrimp on the bottom boated a couple Snook. Be wiling to switch it up and don’t get stuck in a rut using the same techniques and tactics. Try using different baits, different ways of rigging them, put it on the bottom with a weight, free line it, use a cork, keep trying different ways of presenting the bait and hopefully you find out what they want then stick with it. Thats the best advice i can give someone trying to catch fish in tough conditions. The good news about weather and conditions in Estero and Fort Myers is that bad conditions USUALLY don’t last long and our weather by Saturday should be back to normal with highs in the 80’s. When the weather changes look for the fish to be hungry and you can bet the fishing will be great when that happens!




  1. Chad
    February 22nd

    Best report I found online in awhile. Thanks for the update. Going out tomorrow. Do you have any advise now that the weather has changed? Hitting the bay and bridges. Possibly a little off shore. Targeting Snook, Redfish and Sheeps. Thanks!

  2. Captain Mark
    February 25th

    Look for clean warmer water, usually further back in the creeks and rivers and canals the better for warmer water. Good luck!

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