Fort Myers Fishing Report 12-9-14

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Fort Myers Fishing Report 12-9-14

Snook and more Snook! With the full moon and warm weather the Snook have been feeding very well in Estero Bay and Sanibel recently. They are further back in the creeks, rivers and canals. They are not being sluggish at all with this warm weather either and are aggressively taking Pilchards thrown underĀ  the bushes on 2/0 circle hooks. No need for weight or any terminal tackle, main line (15lb braid) and 30lb fluorocarbon leader. A quick note to people fishing in our area, DON’T OVER TACKLE. there is no need for any braid larger than 15lb when fishing our area. I can catch anything that swims inshore with 15lb braided line. Plus as an added bonus you can outcast the “over tacklerers” slinging 30lb braid. The pilchards i have been using for bait are everywhere right now and can be cast netted very easily. As a matter of fact on a recent trip i threw the net a total of one time and had enough bait for the entire day plus some. Whenever fishing for Snook i like to “locate” fish by throwing out a handful of stunned live pilchards in to the area we set up. If you don’t see or hear the pop of one eating its a good indication they’re not around and it’s time to move. Redfish we caught on our trips were small but there has been a very strong jack presence in Estero Bay. They were at every spot we went to, they make great runs and fight like crazy so we were not complaining! Look for the next cold front to slow things down a bit but after it passes and the water temps and air temps are on the rise again the fishing will heat up with it. Don’t forget to be courteous of the other people fishing in our area, if you see a guide or anyone for that matter fishing an area give them plenty of space, there is plenty of spots to fish so don’t fish on top of their people or blast out a shoreline when other people are fishing it! (i had that happen a couple times last week)



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