Fort Myers Fishing Report 11-3-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 11-3-14

While other Captains were reluctant to go fishing on Monday i found one other guide willing to take a chance on fishing the day after record cold temperatures in our area. We both found ourselves discussing how the day was going to be tough and that we didn’t know how it would turn out. Well i had two trips and the morning trip unfortunately was extremely hard to get on a bite. Estero bay had zero mullet activity and zero bait activity. The birds weren’t even active diving on bait schools or searching for a mullet to pick off. All of the typical cold water fishing spots were not holding any fish and we managed a couple under sized Redfish. My afternoon trip went a little better and we did get one nice sized keeper Redfish and a few shorts. I guess that’s why they call it fishing and not catching! Both trips had a blast despite the not so great fishing conditions. Sometimes its not about catching a ton of fish but more the experience that matters. Happy clients are my goal and I’m glad that they were both happy and were looking forward to next year and fishing again!

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