Fort Myers Fishing Report 3-26-15

Fort Myers Fishing Report 3-26-15

This week has been a little weird in terms of fishing in Estero Bay and Fort Myers. Usually this time of year bait is fairly easy to find and fish respond well to it. Bait has not been easy and myself and other guides have been finding ourselves making long runs to Sanibel to get it. It is very plentiful up that way and having a boat that can make the longer runs safely is very important to a guide fishing in Southwest Florida. Almost all the fish that we have caught this week have been coming on cut threadfin herring. Some of the baits we have been using have been to large to use live so the next best thing is to cut them up. The same rig is used when we do this, 30lb leader 2/0 Owner circle hook and a small split shot to hold it to the bottom. When you do find a smaller bait hooking them through the nose with the same hook and no split shot will also work. When using cut bait use fresh pieces as often as possible. Fish like Redfish are very smell oriented feeders and the fresh blood and stink of the threadfins will definitely draw them in. Another way to draw them in is chumming with small pieces of the same cut bait you are using. A word of advice though don’t chum to heavy or you will find yourself a permanent resident of Catfish city! The fishing is only going to get better as spring and eventually summer roll around so if you haven’t been able to get out and enjoy our areas fishing yet i suggest you hire a good guide and do just that!



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