Rain On A Fishing Charter Is Not Always Bad

So get out and fish!

Rain On A Fishing Charter Is Not Always Bad

Rain On A Fishing Charter Is Not Always Bad

True fisherman that are willing to go to any extent to have a chance to catch Snook, Redfish, or Tarpon know that rain is not always a bad thing. There are a few good things that happen for the brave that are willing to trust the advice of their captain when he says that the fishing is good despite the rain. After all the fish are already wet so they don’t mind! One of the benefits of fishing in the rain is you usually have the entire area to yourself! Most people hear the mere mention of a little rain and they run for the hills and cancel all their trips. As long as there is no lightning this Captain is going fishing! Another benefit is that if it has been raining for any period of time, like what we have been seeing recently in Fort Myers, the fish have not seen any pressure from fisherman in a few days. It’s important to remember that the tides still do the same thing and the fish still react the same as they would when it’s not raining. In some cases like tarpon fishing the fish tend to feed longer since they like the low light conditions for feeding. Also the approach is hidden a little better since the fish might not hear you when you are sneaking in on them.  A good Captain will provide rain gear for his clients in situations like this, so get out and fish even when a little rain is in the forecast!

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  1. I like how you pointed out the benefits of rain on a fishing charter. It’d be nice to have the whole area to yourself and your boat. I’ve never been on a fishing charter, but I want to go. Maybe I’ll actually plan one around a stormy day!

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