Fort Myers Fishing Report December 2018

Fort Myers Fishing Report December 2018

Fishing has remained steady throughout the entire month of December, we have seen some pretty drastic changes in weather and fish patterns. Cold fronts have brought wind and sometimes rain along with drops in water temperatures. Even still the fish have been eating if you know where to look. Most of out fishing lately has been done with Shrimp. We have been catching lots of what i like to call “cold water fish”. Sheepshead, Jacks, Small Redfish etc. Use shrimp with either a 1/4oz jig head or an equivalent weighted split shot and a circle hook. Bounce the shrimp on the bottom in areas of heavy structure like docks and seawalls. The sheepshead and Redfish tend to hang in the same areas this time of year and we even get a bonus black drum every now and then. If you get in to an area where there is a lot of sheepshead and you keep losing baits try scaling down the size of the offering. Use small pieces of shrimp instead of whole. The Jacks we are catching have been absolute monsters and can be a blast to catch on light tackle. They will basically eat anything this time of year but cut bait works best for the bigger ones. Winter time fishing also presents some challenges in water levels. During the winter months we get EXTREMELY low tides making even basic navigation around the bay a serious challenge to the untrained boaters, So be careful and get out and find some fish!

Capt Mark Yimin



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