Fishing In Cold Windy Conditions

Estero Bay Redfish

Fishing In Cold Windy Conditions

Everything remains strong as of now in Estero Bay and Fort Myers. Redfish, Snook and Trout can all be found fairly easily. White bait or pilchards are all over the beaches and have been doing very well for anglers in our area. Along with live artificial bait has been producing well also. If you go with artificials my personal favorite bait is hard to beat, the “shadalicious”. It’s easy to use (simple cast and retrieve) and has caught just about every species of fish we have! With the approaching cold front things will definitely change though. As im writing this the temperatures are dropping and the winds are howling! The weather is calling for near small craft advisories today and through the end of the week.  If you are among the brave looking to possibly capitalize on the lack of other anglers pressuring fish you will need to know a couple simple rules that might help when fishing after cold fronts. None of these guarantee fish but just might increase your chances enough to find a few. The first is shelter, when ever there is windy conditions like they are now finding shelter from it is important. Just like we don’t like being blasted by strong winds, fish don’t either. Creeks and rivers hidden and sheltered are your best bet. Second is bait and presentation, whatever you do whether its live or artificial bait SLOW DOWN. Fish are very sluggish after cold fronts and will not expend any energy chasing down bait, Shrimp are great for this since they are slow movers to begin with. The challenges are many when fishing in these conditions but these couple tips might help when trying to find fish on a very challenging day. One thing is for sure if you can find fish on days like we will have shortly you can pretty much find them any time!




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