Half Day Inshore Fishing Charter


Redfish are abundant in Estero Bay, Estero, Sanibel, Matlacha, Cape Coral, Captiva, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and the entire southwest Florida area. They can be caught a variety of different ways, artificial lures cut bait and of course live bait. I focus mainly on using live bait on all of my charters as it provides the best opportunity for catching quality fish day in and day out. Live pilchards are a perfect bait for catching Redfish in southwest florida, and i know where to find them year round. When Redfish strike it is not the same as a Snook, it can best be described as a slurp and then they go about their business, but once they realize they are hooked they fight as hard as any other fish available in Southwest Florida.

Cooking Redfish

Redfish is a very mild fish and can be prepared a variety of different ways, fried blackened grilled, sautéed, and of course “Redfish on the half shell”. Prior to chef Paul Prudhomme coming up with a blackened redfish recipe, it was not as common to eat, now post recipe the redfish is extremely popular to eat especially in gulf coast states where it can be fished for recreationally. (Redfish can not be harvested commercially in Florida)