Fort Myers Fishing Report 11-10-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 11-10-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 11-10-14

After the cold snap fishing has definitely rebounded in a nice way. There was two days after the front that were very slow for anglers fishing with me. The weather has returned to a more normal pattern and the fish have responded by reverting back to their ways before the fronts. The Reds are still around in the same general areas, oyster bars, grass flats and mangrove edges. The Snook have begun to make the move back in to the creeks, rivers and canals in anticipation of winter. They tend to hole up in the winter time in deeper water that holds heat. The deeper holes in creeks and canals are a perfect spot for them to do so and the darker bottom that far back will heat up faster also. Trout have been in good numbers on the flats and most people fishing for them have been using shrimp under a cork with pretty good success. Start in around three feet of water on a grass flat when searching for trout. The bait is still around the beaches and the pinfish are still on the flats. As the water cools down i start to focus more and more on pilchards or shrimp as bait. Pinfish are very active baits and they sometimes will not produce the bite with fish that are living in cooler water. Cool water means everything slows down, including the predators. As winter really kicks in and the water temps get even cooler shrimp will be the go to. Unfortunately we can’t cast net shrimp so buying it at the area tackle shops is the only option.




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