Fort Myers Fishing Report 8-20-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 8-20-14

The days are getting shorter! Usually when this starts to happen the fishing really heats up. The fish all have something internally that tells them to go in to major feeding mode. They are trying to fatten up as much as possible before winter. There is massive schools of lady fish around, and mixed in with them are schools of GIANT Jack Crevalle some up to the 20lb range. They are around the passes crashing bait and very easy to find. Like wise the Snook are also on the chew. This is the time of year that 40 to 50 fish days are not uncommon. Snook have been closer to the passes and anywhere there’s structure and moving water. Redfish have been best around the higher stages of the tides and haven’t quite started to school up on our flats yet. Now through November is one of the best times to fish in our area, you have a chance to catch just about anything and in alot of cases numerous fish. The fish will eat any fin fish pretty much right now, with Pinfish and Pilchards being the most common. Its only going to get better folks so get out and catch some fish!




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