Fort Myers Fishing Report 8-14-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 8-14-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 8-14-14

The full moon this week has been great for fishing. Whenever fishing around a full moon it can be tricky to get a bite because the moon is so bright the fish tend to eat better throughout the night and relax during the day. Then again its not always true, the fish ultimately are going to do what they want and that was good for us!  The tides were high in the late afternoon this week, they were also abnormally high because of the strong full moon. When this happens its important to remember that you will probably have to get to your high water fishing spots earlier than anticipated. Once the water gets extremely far back in to the bushes it’s almost impossible to get a bait to them. Usually i say last hour and a half or so of the incoming tide is best, but when the tides are this strong i say last two and a half hours, just before the water starts touching the trees. On the outgoing tides fish grass flats and adjacent deep edges. Anglers who follow this will be rewarded with Snook, Reds, Jacks and more. Everything has been eating well recently so there is no shortage of fish species being caught. Pinfish and pilchards are working well, although as always i prefer Pilchards ten to one. You can find the pinfish on the flats by chumming, when using the pinfish try both with a cork and without to see what they like that particular day. Pilchards are sporadically on the beaches and when using them just put them on a 2/0 circle hook through the nose with no weight or cork. Thanks for checking out my Fort Myers Fishing Report 8-14-14, Get out and have some fun fishing beautiful Estero Bay and Fort Myers!





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