Fort Myers Fishing Report 7-9-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 7-9-14

Fishing this week is still going strong, alot of what was true last week is still true this week. The weather is HOT and we are getting frequent afternoon showers. It has been a common theme that the mornings and late afternoons have been best. There are Redfish and Snook around and they are willing to eat a Pinfish on a cork with a short leader. This past week i have noticed that the fish have been more likely to eat with this set up. Redfish have been hanging around oyster bars and flats on the outgoing and the Snook have been in the passes and also around bars and edges. On the falling tides focus on passes, on the incoming focus on bars and edges.  As always 30lb leader and a 2/0 Owner Mutu light is the set up. An important thing to remember is to stay far away from any spots you are fishing. Alot of times it is best to scale down your line to a 10lb or 15lb braid to get longer casts, anglers who do are rewarded by more fish. To make up for the lighter line tie a spider hitch or a small Bimini twist knot to double the line and make it stronger before tying the leader to it.  Bait is there as long as you have some chum and a good cast net. Do your self a favor and buy a Tim Wade net, he makes the best custom nets available and at a reasonable price. Summer is in full swing so that means there is pretty much only locals fishing our waters, a perfect time to get out and find some fish without a ton of pressure!


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