Fort Myers Fishing Report 6-15-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 6-15-14

Fort Myers Fishing Report 6-15-14

Fishing remains good in our area this week, we have had some great high afternoon tides with the full moon this week. Fishing those incoming afternoon tides has been best, focusing on oysters and mangrove edges. Redfish and Snook have been plentiful and the go to bait has been Pinfish on 2/0 circle hooks with 30lb leader. There is still very small bait around and it hasn’t quite grown up enough to be used effectively. You can find the pinfish by chumming the grass flat edges early in the morning. Anchor up and chum off the bow of the boat for the best results. It shouldn’t take long as long as you pick the right grass flat. Remember not to chum to much, but rather just enough to keep them there long enough to throw a net on them. If you are not getting strikes on the pinfish put them under a popping cork with a short 18″ leader, just enough to hang them in the water column and keep them off the bottom. The weather is starting to be more and more like summer so that means were out on the water early and back before the storms build. Happy fathers day to all you Dad’s out there, and remember kids love fishing and there is no better way to spend time with your kids than fishing so get out and make some memories!

Captain Mark Yimin

Calusa Fishing Adventures


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