Fort Myers Fishing Report 3-13-15

Fort Myers Fishing Report 3-13-15

Spring break is here and so are the warm temperatures! This time of year is easily the busiest time for fishing guides in Estero, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers and the folks lucky enough to be able to get a trip in with their favorite guide have been doing well. There has been a resurgence of big snook as they start to move out of their winter time haunts and begin to respond to the longer days and warmer weather. They have been hungry too and with season being open alot of people have been targeting them. Always remember when targeting Snook to handle them with care when not keeping the fish, try not to use nets if possible and when releasing them take your time and revive the fish properly. Doing this right means holding the fish in the water in to the current if possible and not moving them back and forth. They will usually suck on your thumb when ready to go. Use Threadfins, Pilchards or even Pinfish to get bites right now on pretty much all three big species Snook, Trout and Redfish. As always fish areas the tides give you and focus on moving water and structure i.e Oysters Shorelines etc. Typically Spring is one of the best times to fish our area and so far it has turned out to be true. Look for good fishing to continue and other species like Tarpon to start showing as the weather and water steadily rise.



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